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It's a third party app built specifically for dictation and transcription. Its accuracy rate is 99.9%++ but be forewarned that you'll have to read out like 10 pages of texts before you can even use the program. The problem with Siri is that it can only adapt to your speaking only so much. It's makes too many assumptions based on too little prior input (voice training Since iOS 12 though, dictation I find is a hit or miss, heavily leaning on the miss side. Like others have pointed out, I will dictate something, VoiceOver will return with exactly what I said, but if I do as others suggested, leave the field and return, the sentence that dictation inserted is riddled with mistakes. Although when I dictated, it repeated everything I said, word for word, when I go back to the field to double check, I find that VoiceOver lied to me and wrote.

Dictation isn't perfect, so make sure you are speaking loud and clear in order to get the most accurate results. It works best when your iPhone or iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi network, and it won't work if you have no reception of any kind. If you care about proper sentence structure at all, you'll need to speak any punctuation. For example, Hi mom [exclaimation point] I'm coming by later [period] Do you want me to pick anything up from the store [question mark Auto correct sucks so bad it isn't even funny. And often times when I use voice dictation it will properly capture my words in real time on the screen but the minute I stop and go back to the keyboard it replaces the correct words with something else. Whatever they've done with auto correct in iOS 13 they need to undo. iOS 12 was much better

This is because the bad form factor problem with TV remotes is basically gone. All you have to do is tell Siri what show you want to watch and it gets it automatically. Say the name of a show and Siri knows what app the show is associated with (eg In its simplest form, dictation refers to a person reading some text aloud so that the listener(s) can write down what is being said. When used in the language classroom, the aim has traditionally been for students to write down what is said by the teacher, word for word, later checking their own text against the original and correcting the errors made. While this certainly has its uses, there. You'll find dictation in noisy environments works much better with an iPhone, because it's easier to speak close to the microphone. The iPhone also has a noise-canceling mic, which filters out. Besides the UI problem (phone becomes unusable while dictating), it seems to have a stroke mid-dictation on a regular basis and will go from solid to crap mid sentence (Hey Jan, I got your.

Tips to Fix Voice Dictation Not Working Issue on iPhone and iPad Solution #1: Turn OFF/ON Cellular or Wi-Fi. The speech to text feature requires a stable Internet connection to work... Solution #2: Reset Network Settings. What if the microphone icon is still grayed out, even after you have. Because despite its amazing face recognition technology (Face ID), that worked for me perfectly even in complete darkness, the iPhone X actually breaks the magical user experience the Cupertino. To enter text, tap the microphone button on your keyboard, then start speaking. As you speak, the text appears on the screen. To finish, stop speaking, then tap the keyboard button . If dictation isn't sure what word it heard, you'll see a blue line under the transcribed word so you can check it for accuracy

Basically they are all bad. If they did work correctly we would have a massive amount of software tools and apps being used on the market right now because we are currently in urgent need to talk to our phones to finally free up our hands and eyes. Speech recognition must be the least used feature on smartphones 10 On the keyboard, the voice dictation button is placed right next to the spacebar - ie. the single most used key. Cue accidentally turning on dictation mode, taking a second to realise, then. Say what? iPhone call quality is bad. Call quality on the iPhone is pathetic, and it's mostly because of the tiny speaker. It has to be aligned with your ear canal with the accuracy of a laser. Why has Dictation stopped working on my iPhone or iPad? Lots of users find that Dictation stopped working on their iPhone or iPad after an iOS update. This could be due to a bug in that particular update or it could be because it reset some of your settings. Other times, Dictation stops working because of problems with your: Microphones; Restriction

You can disable Ask Siri or Dictation at any time. To turn off Ask Siri, go to Settings > Siri & Search, then tap to turn off Listen for 'Hey Siri' and Press Home or Side Button for Siri. To turn off Dictation, go to Settings > General > Keyboard, then tap to turn off Enable Dictation. If you turn off both Ask Siri and Dictation, Apple will delete Siri Data that is associated with the random identifier Dictate text on iPhone. On iPhone, you can dictate text instead of typing it. Note: Dictation may not be available in all languages or in all countries or regions, and features may vary. Cellular data charges may apply. See View or change cellular data settings on iPhone. Turn on Dictation . Go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Turn on Enable Dictation. Dictate text. Tap on the onscreen. The good and bad points about the iPhone that are listed below are based solely on my personal experience. In judging the accuracy of this information for yourself, you should know that I was a relative latecomer to the iPhone; I waited nearly two years before I decided to abandon my accessible Nokia cell phone for it, and, because I had talked with a lot of blind people before I decided to.

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  1. But damn is the iPhone 11 Pro ugly. And so are the newest phones from Samsung and Google, while we're at it. Let's just get right to why the new iPhones are ugly, front and back. And sideways.
  2. Actually, the Small iPhone Is Bad. An iPhone 6, in the hands of someone who loves a small iPhone. A new analyst report says that Apple will release a second-generation iPhone SE at the beginning.
  3. If you used voice dictation software to write it, a 95.0% accuracy rate would mean you'd have to correct more than fifty mistakes. That gets old fast. That gets old fast
  4. So I had an iPhone 6 and my keyboard started to lag , every time I try to type it starts responding late. For example I'll start typing and a few seconds later it reacts. I tried all these options and nothing . So now I have a 6 plus and still have that same problem . HEL
  5. ent ones include the following: Your device may be running out of memory. It may also need a firmware update. A hardware issue like a bad SIM card placement can also cause this problem. Software glitches and bugs also contribute to a weak signal on your iPhone.

iPhone voice dictation making me look like an idiot

  1. And as demand for dairy and beef products rise, so will this number. Scientists can also trace rice's contribution to methane production almost to the moment it took off about 5,000 years ago. The problem is that human-caused methane sources are being increased faster than they can disappear, like oil and gas production, which leaks methane faster than officials can regulate it
  2. As for why most third-party keyboard apps ask for or require full access to function, it largely comes down to internet connectivity. Without full access, third-party keyboard apps aren't allowed to use your iPhone's cellular or Wi-Fi connection. As such, they aren't able to send or receive any data from the company's servers
  3. Clear any debris from the openings of your iPhone. If people can't hear you on phone or FaceTime calls. Open the Voice Memos app. Tap the Record button , speak at the bottom of your phone, then stop the recording. When you play back the memo, you should hear your voice clearly. If you don't hear your voice clearly, contact Apple Support. If people can't hear you when you're using speakerphone.

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The iPhone is only the third If a company sells me a bad product, or gives me lousy service, they're dead to me. I'm still holding a grudge over a bum Compaq laptop I bought in 2002. I have a. CONSTANTLY plagued by bad signal when you're out and about? There's an easy trick that could fix it. Your iPhone won't always be connected to the best possible network, but pressing one button can. So here are ten reasons why you should NOT buy an iPhone. No doubt the Apple Cultists will flame me for saying it like it is but it's about time somebody did But the night is dark, obviously, and so to get a picture of the moon with detail, the rest of the scene is essentially black. Our eyes can see both the moon and the earthly landscape with no problem The graphics and animations are extremely bad and I feel like my Samsung note 2 could probably run it if I even dared to put the graphic settings on low (that's if I'd even have to). The smoke animations or walls that the player can place down look so out of place in the map and very poorly animated. The smoke is essentially a massive, odd-looking, perfectly-rounded-every-time blob. The inside.

Improve Hey Siri on iPhone by Re-Training Voice Recognition I asked her yesterday why her abilities are so bad and she said she will not respond to the question. I want another dictation app for messaging that will translate correctly. Reply. Dave says: December 1, 2019 at 4:53 pm . Siri can't even recognize alphabets. Hard to beat Siri to last place in voice recognition. Reply. Apple, they let you use iPhones in movies, but - and this is very pivotal - if you're ever watching a mystery movie, bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera, Johnson, whose credits.

Apple Says Swiping iPhone Apps Closed Is Bad For The Battery. Tom Wood . Published 15:03, 24 February 2020 GMT | Last updated 15:04, 24 February 2020 GMT. Apple has revealed swiping apps closed on. I've seen three and a half of the Twilight movies and read none of the books. (I walked out of Eclipse because I had eaten a pot brownie beforehand and things were starting to get weird.) I found the first two movies and Breaking Dawn: Part 2, which I saw this past weekend, to be hysterically bad, almost bordering on Showgirls-style campiness, and I can't quite understand why or how people. It's probably the best third-party keyboard on iPhone. But there are 10 things you should know about Gboard before you get set up. 10 Gboard tips, features and warnings 1. It's not watching.

Why Does Siri Suck So Bad? Seriously, I Want To Know

iOS 14 Feels Slow? Here's Why & How to Speed It Up. For example, iOS 14.0.1 and iPadOS 14.0.1 were released just a few days after the primary release, and future versions are under active beta development as well. So periodically check for software updates, as they come you'll want to install them for optimal performance This has led to a lot of people replacing their phones every two years or so. But the reality may be, in part at least, that it's a much simpler problem: a bad battery. Something that can be. Solution 1. Force Restart your iPhone. The first step to fixing any issue on your phone is rebooting it. Doing a force restart gets rid of any minor glitches and can solve keyboard lag on iOS 14. On iPhone 6S or earlier, press the Home and Power buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo iPhone 12 models feature reduced battery sizes from their iPhone 11 predecessors. Combined with the new more battery-hungry 5G radios that is a bit of a battery life problem, but here's a quick.

The iPhone 12 has been on all of our minds for a few weeks now, and there's a reason for that. With so many changes to the outside, a more powerful chip, and 5G, the iPhone 12 seems like a great. So, that's the way you can get rid of the microphone icon on the iPhone/iPad keyboard the right way. Save this nifty little hack for the times where you don't need the dictation feature or find it obstructing your smooth typing experience Shuffle play was bad before the update and now its worse. On my 442 song playlist, the same 30 or 35 tracks play over and over again and the other 400 songs I have barely heard once. I have had to delete songs because shuffle play was choosing them everytime I would listen. Spotify developers say shuffle play is random but how is repeating the same 35 songs over and over random. For some. There's also a chance that the out-dated software that is causing iPhone dropping calls. So, you are also recommended to update the iPhone software. Just head to General -> Settings -> Software Update. Tap Download and install to download and install the latest software. More Articles about iPhone Calls: Recover Deleted Call History from iPhone

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The easiest way to resolve the no service on iPhone issue is by turning on/off the Airplane mode. You can access the Settings >> General >> Airplane Mode. Please turn it on. Wait for one minute and turn it off again. The other way is by accessing the control center. Swipe up the bottom of any screen, and the control center will appear Why wireless charging is a terrible idea. There's a dark, hidden side to wireless charging that companies don't tell you about The bad feeling of cortisol is released when you see a potential threat or obstacle. Cortisol commands your I even taught that habit to my students, which is why I'm so motivated to make. When I got my beloved iPhone 6s, I declined to enable Touch ID, though I didn't exactly know why. Then Face ID came along on the iPhone X, and I looked on skeptically as my clearly foolhardy. No good for low-light. One of the main reasons behind Dark Mode (or excuses for its existence, if you're not feeling charitable) is that it's better for low-light settings, so you can use it in.

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Why is GoT Season 8 so bad? We could write 5,000 words on why this season was so bad - the rushed path to a clearly pre-determined ending, the suspension of the world's realism in order to get people where they needed to be, the inability to write female characters without turning them into a tyrannical villain or a femme fatale - but we don't READ: Who are the rarest characters in. Why is Snapchat camera so bad? Snapchats from Androids are much worse than from iPhones. That's because it's way easier to develop an app for iPhone. Snapchat found a way around developing too many different versions of their Android app. Instead of taking an actual photo with your actual camera, the app just takes a screengrab of your camera view. Why is Snapchat in dark mode? At long. why samsung is so eager to collect my data? this is the log from the last 30 days, they are like 4 t... - /g/ - Technology is 4chan's imageboard for discussing computer hardware and software, programming, and general technology

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Why are selfies bad • Selektion toller Modelle! mit Bluetooth-Fernauslöse Handy SYOSIN Selfie Stick Stativ, 3 in mit Fernauslöser verwenden. können sie, bis Drück der Fernbedienung dieselbe robuste Qualität. zu erzielen oder regulären Selfie Stick Party, Hochzeit, Promotionen, Foto aus Ferne Fernbedienung abnehmbar My iPhone 7 Plus has terrible Siri speech recognition. I constantly have to repeat things 2 or 3 times and I have to talk very slowly or she will not understand. On my Apple Watch Series 3 the dictation is nearly flawless and I can talk much faster. Same with my Apple TV. Anyone else have terrible iPhone Siri speech recognition

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The iPhone's microphone and Siri smart assistant can be a handy tool for hands-free commands and dictation.. But they can also both backfire spectacularly — like when you find yourself. Additionally, we'll show you how to disable VoiceOver from the locked screen so that you can enter the passcode or unlock the device as usual. Stepping back for a moment, you may be wondering why your iPhone or iPad is randomly talking to you describing what is on the screen. And maybe you're wondering what VoiceOver is in the first place. Well, VoiceOver is an excellent accessibility. First download and install iOS 13.2 on your iPhone or iPad. Then fire up the Settings app and go to Siri & Search > Siri & Dictation History. From there tap the big, ominous-looking red button.

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Why is cell phone call quality so bad? It is primarily the service providers. A key point to note is that the base station/base station controller, now called eNodeB [for Evolved Node B] in LTE. Even the iPhone X has a neural engine, so why i can't use on-device Siri or any other new feature that relies on the neural engine? It's just petty excuses from Apple again, artificially limiting features to newer phones it's ridiculous, but why i can't run the globe map, even PC's with Windows XP with Pentium 4's and Google Earth you can run a globe just fine, so it baffles me sometimes with. So, it is advisable to close the applications. To do that, tap the Home button twice. You will see a preview of the apps you have been using. Swipe left or right to go through the apps. To close an app, swipe up its screen. You may also read: How To Fix Apps Freezing And Crashing On iPhone Charge the battery. Some apps need more battery power to run. If your iPhone battery is almost empty.

The iPhone X is the most technologically advanced iPhone ever released, so it's not unreasonable to expect it to be fast. In this article, I'll explain how to fix your slow iPhone X and show you some speed-boosting tips! Here's Why Your iPhone X Is Slow. Most of the time when your iPhone X is slow, there are software issues preventing it from operating at full speed. Outdated iOS, limited. After months of hard testing and abuse, I've discovered the one iPhone cable to rule them all. If you're tired of broken cables, this is the one for you So that's the only real advice; if you pick up a Jet Black iPhone 7, grab a case to go with it. Our best cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should have you covered. Why is my battery draining.

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The voicemail-to-text feature on Apple's iPhone takes voicemail and transcribes it, so you can easily read phone messages. The feature itself is pretty easy to use, but it can be a little glitchy. We'll also go over what to do if Voicemail Transcription is not working on your iPhone. Here's how to use the voicemail-to-text feature known as Visual Voicemail on your iPhone You cannot restrict or disable dictation granularly on your iPhone - it's all or nothing. Turning off dictation for text messaging also prevents you from dictating new and reply emails, notes and other typed material on the iPhone. If you use a third-party app for voice text messaging and other dictation, stop using it or delete it entirely. The same Siri privacy and cellular data.

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Since I had commented on the article about why the iPhone is 'better' than android, basically explaining why it's not, I guess I should mention here some of Apple's strengths over Android. 1.) One. So let's take a dive into the iPhone 11 and see which is good, which is bad and which is straight up ugly. The good The Apple iPhone 11 packs Apple's latest 7nm chipset, the A13 Bionic So much so, I like to give my iPhone an occasional reboot just to refresh it. Here's how to do it: iPhone 8 and later: Click and release the volume up button followed by the volume down button.

So, instead of typing, On my way, you can type, omw, and the keyboard will type out the whole phrase for you. If you sign your personal letters with, Peace and love, you can type. In the aftermath of last week's Apple announcements, it's so easy to refer to the $749 iPhone XR as a low-price, bargain model, in contrast to the $999 iPhone XS and the $1,099 iPhone XS Max. Worse, your iPhone is constantly searching for familiar Wi-Fi networks, sending out probes for hotspots it is looking to connect to, Wright says, so [an attacker] can stand-up hotspots.

Siri (/ ˈ s ɪr i / SIRR-ee) is a virtual assistant that is part of Apple Inc.'s iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems. The assistant uses voice queries, gesture based control, focus-tracking and a natural-language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of Internet services There are lots of reasons why your iPhone's screen suddenly goes black. One possible reason could be hardware damage due to improper screen replacement, bad screens, dropping the device or water damage. Sometimes the problem could be as a result of a software issue which can be caused by firmware modifications that didn't quite go as planned, system crash, jailbreaking and so on. The following.

So my ultimate recommendation is that you aren't going to miss out on the best of iPhone life if you go for the cheapest option instead of the most expensive. In other words, don't worry if you. If you have a mobility or motor impairment and find typing difficult, you can use Dictation on Mac so that you can speak text. Here's how! If you have a mobility or motor impairment and find typing difficult, you can use Dictation on Mac so that you can speak text. Here's how! iPad Air deals at Amazon: Starting at $550! Forums; Shop; Toggle Search. iPhone 12 iOS 14 AirTags Best VPN iPad Pro We. This is why Gboard's GIF search is so critical. Sure, Google provides some canned search options like applause, but when I need a dancing lunar crooner, I know just what to search. I much prefer.

Why a fancy new iPhone will be a tougher sell than ever . By Rachel Metz, CNN Business. Updated 10:06 AM ET, Tue October 13, 2020 . JUST WATCHED Apple expected to announce new iPhones to tap 5G. Why is the iPhone 11 camera/video so bad? Close. 0. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Why is the iPhone 11 camera/video so bad? Like... I get that Apple has pretty much tanked since SJ died, but this is like... bad. 4K @ 60fps looks like it's bad quality 1080p unless it's in broad daylight. Pictures look horrible as well under the same conditions--like someone took a crayon and drew a jagged. The iPhone 12 goes up to 256GB for $949/£949, which is a robust amount of storage, while the iPhone 12 Pro 256GB model costs $1.099/£1,099. So in that case the delta between the two phones.

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Why Does My iPhone Keep Restarting Every Few Minutes? In fact, the problem can be divided into two types, one is intermittent, that is, your iPhone can be used again after restarting, but it will suddenly restart again. The other one is that your iPhone keeps crashing and restarting again and again. But, why is this happening? Unstable iOS update: Often, incorrect operations can easily crash. Read on to learn why battery life often seems to suffer after a software updates, and what you can do about it. Battery Life Bad and You Just Updated to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14? Please Wait! After any major software update, your iPhone or iPad will perform various background tasks for some time, which makes the device use more resources. With more. How bad can a $135 fake Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max on eBay be..?Subscribe https://youtube.com/tech?sub_confirmation=1Latest Uploads https://youtube.com/pla.. Why iPhone notifications need an overhaul. New, 302 there are so many checkboxes and variations between app settings that an accounting of the number of ways a notification could potentially. Heard on http://FirstAmendmentRadio.nethttp://support.firstamendmentradio.net/Hosts Include:http://GregAnthonysJournal.wordpress.com/, gregbeacon@gmail.comNi..

My Safari is not loading web pages on iPhone 8 Plus. Why my Safari is not working on cellular data? Safari, as the built-in browser on iPhone, was used widely by most iPhone users. While some of you benefit from the quick and simple browser on iPhone, still others also suffer from it a lot, especially after iOS (14/13/12/11) upgrade. Initial neglect will not solve the problem. So make sure that your iPhone is updated on time. Apple's iOS 13 is its most recent update. 6.Other suggestions Keep off the auto-update feature in your iPhone. Check your email only when necessary to do so. Set your auto-lock feature time to one or two minutes. Turn off your phone's Data Push feature, and background apps refresh feature for unnecessary apps. Avoid setting dynamic backgrounds.

Schau das Video für Why Am I Feeling So Bad von Raul Midón's Synthesis kostenlos und sieh dir Coverbilder, Songtexte und ähnliche Künstler an How did the outbreak get so bad? That question continues to puzzle experts. Back in early February, hospitalization numbers had plummeted, and India was reporting about as many new cases per day. Does the iPhone 9 exist? Apple went from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone XR, skipping the iPhone 9. There is no iPhone 9, but Apple's upcoming low-cost iPhone could be called the iPhone 9. Why is Windows 8 so hated? Windows 8 came out at a time when Microsoft needed to make a splash with tablets. But because its tablets were forced to run an operating system built for both tablets and traditional.

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