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Simply put, Reddit is a message board wherein users submit links. What differentiates it from a real-time information network like Twitter is that the stream of content is curated by the community... Reddit (/ ˈ r ɛ d ɪ t /, stylized Salon reported that the section's moderators explained in a post on Tuesday, the goal is 'to reduce the number of blogspam submissions and sensationalist titles '. The purge, the moderators explained, is also aimed at sites providing much bad journalism. The December list of banned websites has been modified since late October, and sites with. r/explainlikeimfive: Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations. Don't Panic Reddit Slang & Acronym Explained: A Reddit Lingo Glossary. AMA - Ask Me Anything. This is also an actual subreddit too. Plenty of famous people have done Reddit AMAs, including Barack Obama, Gordon Ramsey, and a whole loads of others as well.You can check out the full list here.; AMAA - This means Ask Me Almost Anything.If you do something interesting for a living, or have a strange. Explain A Film Plot Badly r/ ExplainAFilmPlotBadly. Join. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 13. pinned by moderators. Posted by. 230,752. 1 month ago. Meta [META] May Touchbase. 13. 14 comments. share . save. 136. Posted by. 4,0. 8 hours ago. Solved! A man and his imaginary-but-actually-there friend learn gaslighting is bad even if it's good. 136. 23.

Another way to think about it is with Pokemon cards, as Reddit user Lofties explained nicely in a recent post. If you knew that next month, the Pokemon company was going to churn out a lot more Charizard cards and send their value plummeting, you could borrow your friend's Charizard cards and sell them off. Then, once the value drops, you could buy back the same number of cards for much less. At the heart of the GameStop saga is a struggle between two drastically different groups of investors: A band of amateur day traders versus a bunch of Wall Street pros known as short-sellers...

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AMC is today's GameStop. A Reddit mob sent its stock more than 200% higher. The GameStop stock surge began for a legitimate reason: The company announced on January 11 it had added three new. What's up gentlemen and m'lady's Check out the new merch if you'd like https://casuallyexplained.com/ https://www.facebook.com/CasuallyExplained/ https://tw.. Reddit's Shake-Up Of The Stock Market Explained. At present on the r/WallStreetBets subreddit , you'll see a video clip of the chateau fight from the Matrix: Reloaded. Neo halts about a hundred bullets in midair, masterfully fights off a bunch of dudes using ancient hand-to-hand weaponry, and makes it out only mildly unscathed. On top of the.

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How This Reddit Community is Bleeding a Major Wall Street Hedge Fund Dry: GameStop Saga Explained. By Indranil Chowdhury January 26, 2021. 4 minutes read. GameStop Stock Rallies . An investment by definition is an asset obtained in the hopes of generating income and there are usually two ways of going about it. You can either put your money in safe long term bets that will compound your wealth. Reddit Down: Desktop, Mobile & App Partial Outage (& Fix) Explained. Reddit has been experiencing technical difficulties on desktop and mobile today, but the company is aware of the problem and working on a fix. By John Finn Published May 04, 2021. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment . Reddit has been down for many users on desktop and mobile, with the issue also seemingly affecting the apps. On October 2nd, 2020, then-President Donald Trump and the first lady tested positive for the coronavirus. As we were all waking up to the news, I got into my car and tuned in to The Breakfast Club. What Is Reddit? Save this for the next time you find yourself trying to explain the weird hubbub of one of the web's biggest and busiest sites. Rebecca J. Rosen. September 11, 2013. How many times.

He explained that he was most fond of the appreciation he got from other redditors, and that Reddit helped him relieve stress. Brutsch also described the support he had from administrators, stating that he had received an award for his contributions. Reddit noted that the award was for winning a community vote for Worst Subreddit, and stated that they regretted sending it, as well as. As Reddit and retail traders started to take notice of GameStop, they also took notice of how heavily shorted the stock was — information that's generally pretty easy to get. And they figured.

Short selling explained: How Reddit's GameStop 'short squeeze' exploited an investment firm tactic Short selling is a tactic used by hedge fund managers and investors who are predicting that. Inside the Reddit army that's crushing Wall Street. Story by Jon Sarlin, CNN Business Illustrations by Max Pepper and Will Mullery, CNN. Updated 7:10 AM ET, Sat January 30, 202 What Lies Below: Ending explained and other theories from Reddit. Fri Apr 09, 2021 at 1:00am ET. By Raven Brunner. What Lies Below is currently the top trending program on Netflix in the United. GameStop shares experienced a short squeeze this month, largely thanks to a Reddit community called WallStreetBets, which, as of now, has more than 5,6 million subscribers. Members decided the company was not doomed at all, based on some positive news, such as Microsoft agreeing in November to share with GameStop part of its digital revenues, or e-tailer billionaire Ryan Cohen investing in the. A Reddit Private Community message is appearing for users, after a protest against the alleged hiring of Aimee Challenor caused subreddits to go dark

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This could explain why kittens (and other non-controversial stories) rank so high :) Conclusion of Reddit's story ranking Submission time is a very important parameter, generally newer stories. GameStop's Reddit-fueled rally, explained Video game retailer GameStop is up more than 20x since March lows (and +79% in just the past 2 trading days) Reddit CEO Steve Huffman spoke on startup Clubhouse Thursday to explain how his company policies Daily Active S---heads to keep community enjoyable and safe AMC, the largest movie theater chain in the world, is caught up in the wildest stock market story of the year.Maybe you've seen headlines, cable news chyrons, or stray Wolf of Wall Street GIFS on.

GameStop, a company that was expected to close hundreds of stores in 2021, has made a stunning comeback in the stock market.And it's all thanks to an army of Reddit users who were gutsy enough to. Reddit allowed individual investors to get a taste of the kind of market influence, and financial wins, usually reserved for the already very wealthy people who manage and invest with hedge funds Explained | What is happening with the GameStop stock, the Reddit factor, who wins and who loses In the last few days, GameStop shares have jumped 1,600 percent, with big gains also for shares of. 646k Followers, 398 Following, 119 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Katie Thurston (@thekatiethurston

Reddit Down: Desktop, Mobile & App Partial Outage (& Fix) Explained. Reddit has been experiencing technical difficulties on desktop and mobile today, but the company is aware of the problem and working on a fix. By John Finn Published May 04, 2021. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment . Reddit has been down for many users on desktop and mobile, with the issue also seemingly affecting the apps. Reddit board Wallstreetbets seems to have driven a near-2,000% rise in the stock price of troubled video game retailer

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Debris's season one finale was full of shocking twists, huge revelations, and new mysteries. Here's everything that happened and what it all means GameStop frenzy explained: How small investors on Reddit took on Wall Street. By Thyagaraju Adinarayan R Posted January 29, 2021 11:51 am . Updated January 29, 2021 11:55 am. 1:58. GameStop Stock Explained: Robinhood, Short Squeezes, And Reddit. After years of poor performance, GameStop's stock has surged to record highs in the last week

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GameStop, Reddit, and Robinhood: Wall Street chaos explained. Veteran tech journalist and New York Times Opinion Podcast host Kara Swisher joins to explain what's going on with the fight over. How GameStop Stock Became Hedge Fund's Worst Nightmare After a Reddit-Driven Frenzy Explained. A sign is seen outside a GameStop store in the US. (REUTERS) Shares of GameStop have surged from $19 on December 31, 2020, to $197.84 on January 27 - a gain of nearly 1,900 per cent after small investors on Reddit forced hedge funds to unwind short positions. News18.com; Last Updated: January 29. Reddit RSS Functionality Explained. How to get specific RSS feeds for subreddits, domains, and other options. By Daniel Miessler in Technology Created/Updated: December 1, 2020 . I'm a huge fan of both Reddit and RSS, but it's not super clear how they work together. The old version of Reddit used to show all your RSS options very clearly, as you see below, but that functionality is now. EXPLANATION OF THE ROOT: Like Episode 6, this one is named after a character. White Rose is the most sought out hacker in the world and the gang has been trying to get him to collaborate from the beginning. But unlike Episode 6, this one has a stronger connection to the tech world. White Rose was the name of a non-violent, intellectual resistance group that began at the University of Munich.

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The Reddit Wall Street rebellion explained. Industry observers considered the move the largest wealth transfer from Wall Street to Main Street. Author: Tamika Cody Published: 6:01 PM EST January. Reddit [ˈrɛdɪt] ist ein Social-News-Aggregator, eine Website, auf der registrierte Benutzer Inhalte einstellen bzw. anbieten können.Ein Inhalt kann entweder aus einem Link, einem Video, einem Bild, einer Umfrage oder einem Textbeitrag bestehen.Andere Benutzer können die Beiträge als positiv oder negativ beurteilen. Die Bewertungen beeinflussen, welche Position der Beitrag auf der. This is reddit's advertising model and this is how businesses may consider tapping into subreddits. We can strategically target relevant subreddits and have our content, which appears the same as every other submission, appear at the very top of the page. The trick is to create something aligned with top post submissions, the subreddit theme, the rules, and your communication or business.

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  2. Reddit This Meme Is From The Future explained - Twitter's new memes from the future! Danknessin_memesout meme on Me IRL Reddit. Me IRL is a Reddit group created back in 2012. The content of the group... This is a meme from the future explained. Reddit user's meme shows a grown man with his hands.
  3. Reddit Stocks Explained and the Chinese EV Stocks You Should Look at Instead By Matt McCall , Editor, MoneyWire Feb 2, 2021, 5:00 pm EDT February 2, 2021 Matt McCall Editor, MoneyWir
  4. Reddit's uncommon qualities as a community platform, and as a marketplace, can help explain why the GameStop situation feels so unsettling and strange — and, from the outside, so uncannily.
  5. The surge in demand for stocks in GameStop, a US video retailer, has been driven by a giddy mob of Reddit users. Here's what you need to know

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6 Reddit theories that explain the bonkers twist ending in Behind Her Eyes: 1. The changes in Adele's looks and behaviour were a red flag. When we first meet Adele in present day, she appears to be a cold and calculated person, but in the flashbacks Adele is a warm, bubbly, and kind young woman. One Reddit user wrote that, While I watched the show I immediately noticed that Adele's. Kommentar zu Reddit vs. Wall Street: Schafft zwei, drei, viele GameStops Ein Schwarm von Kleinanlegern verpasst den Herrschern der Aktienwelt eine tüchtige Abreibung Reddit Enhancement Suite community-driven unofficial browser extension for reddit. Please note: Reddit Enhancement Suite currently has limited support for the redesign, see here for details The leap second crash -- which hit several web operations on Saturday evening -- can be traced to a single glitch in the Linux operating system. Here's the inside story on what happened

Rapists Explain Themselves on Reddit, and We Should Listen. Rapists and would-be rapists are opening up about the other side of the story — theirs — on a massive Reddit thread about the. Reddit Users Explain Why Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment Building Literally Could Not Exist A recent thread delves into the problematic layout of Jerry's fictional apartment Pictured: (l-r) Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer, Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander as George Costanza, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes (Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images QAnon: The conspiracy theory that's sparked Reddit bans, explained. QAnon is finding fewer safe harbors. Morgan Little . Sept. 14, 2018 2:20 p.m. PT. The theorizing and fanfare around the QAnon.

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After /r/WallStreetBets turned Wall Street and GameStop upside down, Reddit debuted its first Super Bowl ad to celebrate the power of the little guy. Watch the five-second commercial here Unfortunately, yes. The favorite TikTok couple, Mike and Kat Stickler are no longer together. They announced their separation in March 2021. Upon the reason behind their separation, Kat confirmed that they needed to sort out things on their own. There was whatsoever no cheating or scandal involved. The couple does share a young child, MK Trading app's role in Reddit Gamestop share saga - and the backlash explained On Thursday, Robinhood blocked its users from purchasing shares in GameStop, citing 'significant market. Some people end up on Reddit by accident, find it baffling, and never visit again. But people who do use it—redditors, as they're called—often use it all day long, to the near-exclusion of.

It kept shooting higher, before nearly doubling on Tuesday and then more than doubling again on Wednesday to $347.51. On Thursday, it gave back a chunk of those gains and finished the day at $193. WSJ News Exclusive Keith Gill Drove the GameStop Reddit Mania. He Talked to the Journal. Trader known as DeepF—ingValue on the WallStreetBets forum helped turn the investing world upside down. Hey MCAT students, tired of searching Google or Reddit question-by-question for explanations to the AAMC full-length practice tests for the MCAT? We got you! Below, you'll find a complete list of questions from AAMC full-length test 1 (or AAMC FL1 explanations as it's referred to on Reddit) and embedded links to available explanation threads from Reddit

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  1. 'The Daily Show' Couldn't Get Margot Robbie To Explain What's Happening With Reddit And GameStop, But It Found The Next Best Thing Josh Kurp Twitter Senior Pop Culture Editor January 28, 202
  2. The Reddit GameStop stock market dramageddon, explained. Tarryn van der Byl · 28 Jan 2021. Reddit? GameStop? Stock market? BAMBOOZLED? It's okay, I was too. Let's take it one thing at a time. Starting about six months or so, and even more significantly since mid-January, US video games retailer GameStop's stock prices have increased 8000 percent from less than $5 to over $350 on Wall.
  3. The frenzy is raising concerns among professional Wall Street investors while champions of the 99% are cheering louder from the sidelines
  4. Explained: How Reddit's r/WallStreetBets is boosting
  5. GameStop stock surge explained: Reddit users send Wall
  6. What is CDN and Fastly? Internet outage from Amazon to

GameStop Shorts Explained: How Reddit Is Bankrupting Wall

  1. What is karma? - Reddit Hel
  2. Everything you need to know about how a Reddit group blew
  3. Casually Explained: Reddit - YouTub

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  1. What Happened With GameStop Stock & Reddit, Explaine
  2. Reddit's GameStop Stock Craze Explained - YouTub
  3. Reddit CEO has colorful nickname for troublemaker
  4. This Meme is From the Future - Among Us: The viral Reddit
  5. The GameStop Saga Explained: How Reddit Investors Tripped
  6. The past few days in GameStop, Reddit, and the stock
  7. CASUALLY EXPLAINED: REDDIT - Casually Explained Faceboo
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