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Learn Investment Online At Your Own Pace. Start Today and Become an Expert in Days. Join Millions of Learners From Around The World Already Learning On Udemy Own Your Education. Explore Purdue Global's Finance Program Today. Enroll in a Financial Planning Program That's Affordable, Convenient, & Online The course covers everything you need as a financial analyst - starting with some basic accounting, business and project valuation, credit analysis, corporate finance, M&A, treasury management and so on. NYIF is another solid brand to have on your CV. If you need a more advanced course that covers financial analysis, then this is it. I would also recommend this for professionals looking for a mid-career transition into finance

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This Excel financial analysis course is designed for anyone who wants to be a financial analyst or is already one, and is specifically tailored for financial analysts in investment banking, equity research, financial planning and analysis, private equity and corporate development. It covers all levels - from beginner to advanced users, and teaches everything you need to know about Excel for a career in corporate finance, including the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and. Udemy boasts 40 million students and 155,000 courses. Stock Market From Scratch for Complete Beginners is one of those courses. For $124.99, Stock Market From Scratch transforms you from an.. The Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) is an internationally recognised, advanced professional qualification programme and certificaction for individuals working in the finance and investment industry. REQUEST INFORMATION This financial analysis course is perfect for any aspiring financial analysts working in investment banking, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), equity research, corporate development, and other areas of finance and accounting. This class counts as continuing professional education (CPE) credits for CPAs

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  1. The course covers all relevant topics ranging form modeling and analysis to derivatives, valuations, structuring and deal making. Which makes this well suited for professionals looking to get into M&A, capital markets, fund management, coverage, valuation, research and other Investment Banking roles
  2. To work as an investment analyst you will usually need a degree, at class 2:1 or above. Most degree subjects are accepted, buy degrees in economics, maths, business studies, or accountancy may be particularly useful
  3. Investment analysts conduct research, create financial models, and produce analytical reports and recommendations concerning specific types of stocks, bonds, or other investment securities
  4. As with many other areas of business and finance, Coursera offers a wide range of online courses on topics related to the stock market, including trading basics, financial markets and investment strategy, financial management, and more. These courses are offered through top-ranked institutions from around the world, including Yale University, Rice University, and the Indian School of Business, so you don't have to sacrifice the quality of your education to learn online
  5. The CFA Institute Investment Foundations Program covers the essentials of finance, ethics, and investment roles, providing a clear understanding of the global investment industry. This online learning experience is designed for institutions, including regulators and universities who have staff or students who wish to enter, advance in, or understand the investment management industry

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A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) charter is a designation given to those who have completed the CFA® Program and completed acceptable work experience requirements. The CFA Program is a three-part exam that tests the fundamentals of investment tools, valuing assets, portfolio management, and wealth planning Business Intelligence & Data Analyst (BIDA)™ Courses Explore a career in data visualization, modelling & analysis using all the most popular tools. Learn Mor The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2020 This course covers all the topic like Excel, Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Business Analysis, Financial Math, PowerPoint. This the best financial analyst course online on Udemy. 365 careers are a very reputed and trusted partner of Udemy

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In this course, you will learn about latest investment strategies and performance evaluation. You will start by learning portfolio performance measures and discuss best practices in portfolio performance evaluation. You will explore different evaluation techniques such as style analysis and attribution analysis and apply them to evaluate different investment strategies. Special emphasis will. Investment banking training - CFI financial modeling & valuation courses for training new analysts & associates in the Investment Banking Division (IBD). Training programs typically start in the summer and last about 6 weeks. Analysts are given the opportunity to develop their technical skills in Excel, finance Below Free courses on Investment Banking will help you develop these key Investment Banking Skillsets. #1 - Financial Modeling. Financial Modeling is one of the most important skills required for Investment Banking. This investment banking course will help you not only master excel skills but also be awesome in Financial Modeling using Excel

Welcome to Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments, my practical course on how to use professional techniques to evaluate investment opportunities in real estate. This course has been propelling students from total beginners to confident practitioners in a matter of weeks. Here is what a few of my students have to say Welcome to The COMPLETE Financial Analyst Training and Investing Course by the author of the best selling business course on Udemy, an award winning professor, Columbia MBA graduate, former Goldman, hedge fund founder, venture capitalist, TEDx Talk speaker, author & entrepreneur featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Wired and Venture Beat The courses are knowledge bale and are of great help to master the stock market. I only wish to find it sooner. After completing the equity derivatives market course I am a manager to invest in the stock market efficiently and upgrade skills for risk management Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA ®) is an internationally recognised advanced professional qualification for individuals working in the finance and investment industry.. Legal requirements. Each day the mandatory requirements from domestic and international regulators emphasize the role of certifications such as CIIA ® for professionals who want to develop a career in.

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  1. Investment Analyst Job Placement Eligibility. To fully support the candidates who have completed our relevant investment analyst courses ,investment banking courses and are keen to start an investment analyst career, we have an Investment Analyst Job Placement available that is done entirely online
  2. Review: I did the Excel course about financial modeling and recently finished The Complete Financial Analyst Course. Now I enrolled in this course and it is bonkers. The guys from 365 careers are doing such an amazing job with all of their courses. I'm completely hooked! - Franz Kubbillum . 2. Investment Banking Training . The e-learning training provided by CFI is meant to educate.
  3. The Investment Management online short course from the University of Cape Town (UCT) offers a practical guide to the world of financial investments. The course does not offer specific investment advice, but rather empowers you with the skills needed to intelligently manage an investment portfolio
  4. The Certified Investment Research Analyst (CIRA ®) certification is a comprehensive global certification exam designed to assess a candidate's expert level understanding of investment research skills. This program tests a candidate on his capability to develop a disciplined and systematic approach to designing reports that assess the investment merits of first-time and existing issuers, provide ongoing assessments of trends in a given industry and identify investment opportunities in the.
  5. How to become an investment analyst. You can get into this job through: a university course. an apprenticeship. a graduate training scheme. University. You'll usually need a degree at upper second class or higher. Most degree subjects are accepted, but you may find these particularly useful: economics
  6. understanding of different investment markets, indices and measurement of returns. a general understanding of efficient markets, portfolio management basics and asset pricing models. a basic understanding of the analysis of common stocks and bonds as well as derivative securities. knowledge of ethics and regulation in investment management

CFI courses are taught by professional wall street trainers, who have been teaching classes for new hires at global investment banks for over twenty years. Browse our courses . CFI's Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst Program is a very valuable source of skills and knowledge for professional development. The holistic program tackles all relevant corporate, project and behavioral. The CESGA® programme is particularly aimed at financial analysts and portfolio managers who want to integrate ESG data in their capital allocation processes, but also, in general, all investment professionals increasingly committed to ESG issues. Other specialists such as corporate sustainability officers, investor relations, auditors and consultants will find this course interesting to. Learn to build, interpret & analyze financial statements to drive business decision-making. Unlock critical insights into business performance. Earn a certificate This Excel financial analysis course is designed for anyone who wants to be a financial analyst or is already one, and is specifically tailored for financial analysts in investment banking, equity research, financial planning and analysis, private equity and corporate development. It covers all levels - from beginner to advanced users, and teaches everything you need to know about Excel for. Get a professional edge with our financial analyst courses. Learn analysis, financial modeling, valuation, investment thesis building and how the financial markets work, with online & classroom programs & immersive eBooks. You know that your learning is a journey; not a destination..

If you gain your Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification from CFA Institute, you will be able to work in money management for institutions as well as in stock analysis. When it comes to investments, you must provide ratings and research in its different types, as far as job requirements go. #3. The CFS While working towards your Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) certification, you'll likely find you need some extra help.. But with so many CAIA study materials out there, how are you supposed to choose the best one? Luckily for you, I've spent my time checking out what's on offer and have compiled a list of the top CAIA prep courses to help save you time and money

The course positions students well to obtain the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, which has become the most respected and recognised investment credential in the world. Our Investment Analysis students have successfully competed in the prestigious CFA Institute Research Challenge, winning a place in the UK Final in ten out of twelve years The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst program's diverse curriculum appeals to investment advisors, consultants and analysts, fund managers and administrators, accountants, lawyers, academics, and compliance and back office personnel. Curriculum Candidates must pass an examination for the following courses to achieve CAIA Certification: CAIA Level I; CAIA Level II. Average study time is. As with many other areas of business and finance, Coursera offers a wide range of online courses on topics related to the stock market, including trading basics, financial markets and investment strategy, financial management, and more. These courses are offered through top-ranked institutions from around the world, including Yale University, Rice University, and the Indian School of Business. Hey folks, After 6 months of studying, 19 courses, and over 900 lessons, I have finally completed Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI)'s Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst Certification Program. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is looking to get a deeper insight into Valuation, Modeling, and Corporate Finance area in general. Starting with core 3 statement and DCF models and. An investment banking analyst evaluates and researches investment opportunities with the aim of finding the investment that best meets the goals of their corporate clients. Investment banking analysts assess opportunities and recommend investments based on client needs and goals. They are usually part of an investment team and are likely to report to an investment banker who will ultimately.

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CF53 Alternative Investments Analysis. Section 6. Paper No: CF61 Advanced Portfolio Management. CF62 International Finance. CF63 Derivatives Analysis. Certified Investment and Financial Analysts are experts in financial analysis, investments and securities, portfolio management, pensions management, investment banking among other related areas Portfolio Management. Investment Regulation & Practice. Case Study. Completion of the Associate Examinations enabled graduates to become Associates of the Society of Investment Professionals, now CFA UK. To use the ASIP designation you must have an active membership with CFA UK. Today there are circa 800 CFA UK members who hold the ASIP. Certified Investment Management Analyst ® (CIMA ®) Certification is delivered live online daily over two weeks. During the two weeks of live online instruction, you will spend the mornings engaged in classroom lectures from 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The highly interactive daily evening sessions from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. expand on the morning session by providing additional concepts and tools. Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) certification is the peak international, technical portfolio construction program for investment consultants, analysts, financial advisors and wealth management professionals. CIMA® certification continues to be the highest level of advanced investment education for client-facing advisors

The Complete Financial Analyst Course is the most comprehensive, dynamic, and practical course you will find online. Decide whether a company's project is feasible from a financial perspective and be able to compare between different investment opportunities; Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginner and Intermediate Users: The #1 tool for visual representation of your work, a necessary skill. 22+ hour complete financial analyst course! #1 Best Selling Investing Course on Udemy! How to pick stocks. Become an expert in Excel for financial analysts (no prior Excel knowledge is required). How to manage a portfolio. How an IPO works. How to build financial models. How to get hired and promoted as a financial analyst. How risk management works. How to use technical analysis. How to value. I just graduated from college and will be starting as a fixed income investment analyst at a large MM bank. I figured I should get ahead when I could so I could hit the ground running. I heard about the course through wallstreetoasis.com. They gave a pretty detailed background on all the various courses. Based on the overwhelming positive feedback about WSP, I decided to give the course a shot. Introducing the Analyst Academy. After finishing my 12 month Analyst Academy course, you'll have all the skills and techniques you need to be a serious analyst or investor. Here are just some of the skills you'll build from day one: ** How to assess any company's financials and arrive at a valuatio

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  1. Financial analysts gather and evaluate industry and economic fiscal data to predict investment performance. Their findings are used by businesses and individuals to make decisions about stocks.
  2. Level 1 | Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst | CAIA | Kaplan UK. Course price. Course price does not include the cost of the exam. These need to be booked and paid for separately. Help/contact info. Contact us by phone on 020 7920 3060 or email us at citybookings@kaplan.co.uk. Or visit our contact us page
  3. This All in One Financial Analyst Course Bundle is an Ultimate bundle of 250+ Finance courses with 1000+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime access. It covers 15 core areas - Investment Banking, Equity Research, Financial Modeling, Private Equity, Credit Risk Modeling, Venture Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions, CFA, IFRS, Project Finance, Hedge Funds, MS Excel & VBA, Finance for Non-Finance
  4. The Complete Investment Banking Course 2020 is the most hands-on, interactive, and dynamic investment banking course you will find online. + 64 Pages of Course Notes + 12 Course Challenges + 26 PDF Files + 22 Quiz Questions + 32 Excel files + A complete Glossary with key terms and phrases + Real-world examples and case studies + Interesting facts about the industry + 2 Valuation models built.

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The 20-hour, self-paced course is designed to provide a foundation of core concepts in alternative investments. Who will benefit from taking the program? Anyone who needs to gain a fundamental understanding of alternative investments concepts but does not require a deep level of expertise should pursue the Fundamentals of Alternative Investments course About the exams. The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing is assessed through online testing using standard multiple choice and item set questions. Exams are delivered through computer-based testing at centres administered by CFA UK's testing partner, Pearson Vue. A large number of test centres are available across the UK

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Following a 25-year career as an investment analyst, Steve decided to put that experience to good use and train the next generation (or sometimes the current generation) of investment analysts, private investors, and portfolio managers. Steve's experience includes working on the 'sell side' for a number of investment banks, and the 'buy side' as a partner at two multi-billion dollar hedge. NIFM best institute for classes on stock & forex market training courses for trading in shares & commodity with NSE SEBI certified NCFM & NISM modules technical & fundamental analysis, research analyst certification short term job oriented online courses

Learn about equity & stock trading or gain financial knowledge with investment courses in Singapore, including IBF courses. What is IBF? The Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) is the national accreditation and certification agency for financial industry competency in Singapore under the Skills Framework for Financial Services. Individuals who complete the IBF-accredited skills. Portfolio Managers, Stock analysts, and the different employees of the sub-brokers and the brokers are some of the career opportunities that can be useful after the completion of the investment banking courses in India. Also, there are some other career prospects as well. The professionals will get a big boost in their career after enhancing their knowledge and their skills with the help of.

The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst that is the CAIA program, is an extremely deep level of knowledge and demonstrated expertise in alternative investments. This course is recognized globally as best in its class. Risk managers, analysts, portfolio managers, traders, consultants, etc. can benefit from this program and become members of. Courses, workshops and the final exam can be completed as one six-month program or divvied into two three-month levels. Investment Banking Analyst; Quantitative Developer; Quantitative Trader; You also have the option to retreat into academia or research as a pure mathematician or buff up your programming skills to investigate engineering roles. Opportunities for senior-level quants.

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Banking and investment courses are beneficial to professionals working in central banks and those who are financial regulators, as they are designed to equip delegates to tackle the challenges and allow free debate of sensitive issues in a confidential environment. Training allows participants to gain an invaluable insight and understanding of the world of banking and finance, including the. Ampitahao ny Top 3 Best Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) exam study materials and prep courses of 2021 including Wiley, Uppermark, and Kaplan Schweser Achieve one of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession and become a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®). The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) credential is held by over 170,000 professionals around the world. The charter gives a strong understanding of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio. Investment Management & Trading Courses. Welcome to the fast-paced, competitive, and intricate world of investment management & Trading. It's a place for self-starters, go-getters, and high achievers. People who love the numbers, and know how to deliver them. High-octane professionals who are ready to invest in themselves, to propel their. Investment Banking Course Modules : Basic & Advance Excel 2013/16. Dashboards / Pivot Table. Visual Basic Application (VBA Macro) Introduction to Financial Statements & Analysis. Multi Tab Financial Modeling from Scratch (Oil & Gas Sector) Project Finance (Real Estate) Discounted Cash Flow Valuation ( DCF ) Analysis

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With a core curriculum that includes equity investment, corporate finance, derivatives, financial reporting and analysis, etc, the CFA course allows the candidates to pursue careers as Financial Analyst or Financial Managers. The drive for the CFA Certification has gathered momentum in India. In 2019, a record number of CFA aspirants, 24,997 (an overall increase of 16%), appeared for the CFA. Accelerate you career by learning NISM EQUITY RESEARCH ANALYST COURSEThe exclusive Offerings are Cloud based learning for anytime, anywhere learning.Enrol Now! Strong Foundation. Placement Assistance. Intensive Learnin

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Built around the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA) certification curriculum and approved by the Investments & Wealth Institute® as a registered education program, this course fulfills the education requirement for CIMA certification. This course includes comprehensive coverage of the topics and learning objectives found in the CIMA Certification Detailed Content Outline (core. Financial Training Courses Kaplan Financial (Part of Kaplan Learning Institute is the training provider for CAIA ® . Founded in 2002, the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association ® is the international leader in alternative investment education and provider of the CAIA designation, the global industry benchmark We can even design custom programs and courses to meet your strategic and tactical goals. Call one of our very experienced training consultants on +44 (0) 207 866 8180 and we'll help you take your career and your company to the next level. All our Financial Modelling courses come with two months post course support World-Class Investment Banking Analyst Program Start your career as an Investment Banking Analyst. At the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF), we teach today's in-demand skills, through our dynamic, immersive courses taught by experienced, passionate industry professionals in-person or virtual After enrolling you must, over the course of at least four years, take all three exams. After passing all of them, in order, and fulfilling the professional experience requirement—four years of investment-related full-time work experience—the CFA Institute will grant you the Chartered Financial Analyst designation

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Investment Banking Analyst Salary Guide. Investment Banking Career Paths. What is Investment Banking? An Industry Overview. Premium Package Add to Cart $499. You don't have access to this course, but you can purchase it below. Premium Package. 7 Courses. 63h 4m. 91,731 Students. Used widely at top investment banks and financial institutions, the Premium Package has everything you need to. Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) Currently offered and recognized by the issuing organization. Candidate must meet the following requirements: A satisfactory record of ethical conduct, as determined by Investments & Wealth Institute Admissions Committee. Educational component offered by one of the approved Registered Education.

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The Investment Security Analyst is a regional (East African) Professional Qualification for Financial Analysts. The course objective is to develop a professional designation to further enhance training for market participants in the east Africa Region. As the East Africa economics turn to market economies, it becomes necessary that there be professionals equipped with tools of financial. Real Estate Finance and Investment (required course) Real Estate Enterprise Management (required course) Electives (choose one course from select group) Ready to take the next step? You can enroll in your first course in the: Spring; Summer; Fall; See the schedules in the academic calendar. Find Certificate Courses . Cost. Affordability is core to our mission. When compared to our continuing. Learning outcomes. On successful completion of the course students will be able to: 1. Examine the relationships between returns and risks. 2. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the core investment concepts, collecting financial information from electronic databases and employing analytical tools to value financial securities

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Subject / Topic / Course Guides; Library support during Covid-19 Courses-and-Programmes. Home Faculties College of Business and Economics Finance and Investment Management Courses and Programmes. Finance and Investment Management Olympiad (FIMO) Why Us; Meet our Alumni; Courses & Programmes Currently selected. PHD Finance; Online Programmes. Online Demos; Advanced DIploma in Real Estate. New York. London | Singapore. 11 - 12 Oct 2021. 21 - 22 Oct 2021. 14 - 15 Dec 2021. Advanced Presentation Skills. London. 20 Oct 2021. Bank Capital Adequacy Under Basel III

Unlike other real estate assets in which revenue streams are tied to short- and long-term leases, hotels can re-lease on a daily basis. However, national, regional, and local economic factors have a significant impact on a hotel's ability to re-lease—and on its rates. Designed for commercial appraisers, lenders, brokers, portfolio analysts, hotel industry professionals, and investors, this. Learn project finance from the firm hired to teach the top 4 investment banks' incoming analysts. Includes accounting, financial modeling, project analysis, project accounting, project risks, and both simple and advanced project modeling. £ 389 (Inc Tax) 4.9 Stars The FIG Banker Master the skills necessary to make a direct impact in any FIG team. This online program covers the accounting. The #1 Course to Land a Job in Investment Banking. IPOs, Bonds, M&A, Trading, LBOs, Valuation: Everything is included! What you'll learn Start a career in Investment Banking or Private Equity Pass investment banking interviews Build financial models from scratch (shown step-by-step) Build valuation models - DCF, LBO and multiples Have solid financial and business acumen Take your career to. This is a highly practical master's course in Investment Management so you'll need to possess a high level of quantitative skills. Your coursework will involve you in examining accounting and finance from the perspective of those who use financial reports to evaluate company and managerial performance. Objectives *You might still see us referred to as Cass Business School. Find out more. CFA ® - Chartered Financial Analyst ® Program. Course Registration No. 360846. Achieve the highest distinction in the investment management profession. Described by The Economist as the gold standard, the CFA ® Program provides a broad range of practical portfolio management and advanced investment analysis skills that can lead to a wide range of career prospects, at any stage in your.

Through this process, you will also learn how professional financial analysts should evaluate companies. The course is suitable for students seeking eventual employment with a brokerage company, investment company or financial services company with responsibilities in evaluating and selecting equity securities for investment portfolios The Accredited Financial Analyst® Certificate Program is designed to develop the skills required by Financial Analysts, Research Analyst and Equity Analysts to execute critical functions related to Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance, Equity Research, Investment Analysis and Financial Modelling. This Globally coveted Designation is offered by American Academy of Financial. Regardless of the degree you pursue, you should consider taking courses in risk management (if they are available), as they are very helpful for a career as a risk analyst. A degree in an industry-related program, may also be considered an asset. For example, a degree in geology or petroleum engineering is considered an asset for risk analysts working in the oil and gas industry Master of Financial Analysis (Investment) See all Arts, social sciences and communications courses. See all Business and commerce courses. See all Health courses. See all IT and engineering courses. See all Law and criminology courses. See all Science courses

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An investment analyst is a type of financial analyst who examines and analyzes global investment data to guide investment decisions. Here at Direct Placements, you can join an investment analyst internship course in the UK. To know more about our services, call us at- 2039831332 or visit our website now Our Investment Banking Training Course is an approved partner of some of the world's most recognizable financial organizations including the CFA, CFP and NASBA. CONTACT US TESTIMONIALS. Investment Banking Training ATTEND LIVE CLASSROOM TRAINING IN CORPORATE VALUATION AND FINANCIAL MODELING BY SUCCESSFUL INVESTMENT BANKERS - WITH CONVENIENT GLOBAL LOCATIONS. Advance your professional career. Short course certificates are issued by Milpark Education and sent to the Melville Campus for collection. Students who owe the institution money will not receive any correspondence with regard to completion of their short course, nor will they be issued a certificate, until their account has been paid in full

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info_outline Classroom Courses - ACCA, CIMA and AAT classroom courses starting from the 21st June onwards are available for enrolment. All with smaller class sizes and run in accordance with current Government guidance. View timetables and enrol today › Coronavirus advice › home Courses CFA. 97% of students recommend us. CFA ® Program The Chartered Financial Analyst Program. Do you strive. If you're already a junior analyst and you just want a refresher or need to understand some niche concepts, you can try to find shorter courses concentrated on one or two areas of investment. Investment Banking Training Courses. W e offer a wide range of capital markets technical training covering: sales and trading - equities, fixed income, commodities and FX; investment banking - corporate finance valuation and financial modelling; investment management - asset and private wealth management; as well as corporate banking and. Find all the courses provided by Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts in Educartis. Explore the courses provided by this institution and information about facilities, location, teachers, scholarships, prices and discounts in Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts Investment analysts receive generous compensation and benefits packages at all levels of experience. There may, however, be significant variations based on location, type and size of employer. For example, packages for analysts based in London or employees of large investment banks are higher than those elsewhere. Basic compensation consists of salary and annual bonuses. Graduate trainee.

Course Stream. Commerce and Finance. Course Duration. 1.5 Year - 4 Years. Minimum Qualification Required. 10+2/ Relevant Bachelor Degree. Selection Process. Merit-based/ Entrance Exam Based. Course Fee. INR 40,000 - INR 1.25 Lakh. Job Types. Chartered Financial Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Business Consultant, Portfolio Manager, Investment. Junior Investment Analyst. Up to £25,000. Investment Analyst. Up to £60,000. Senior Investment Analyst. Up to £100,000. What's it really like? I'm a Systems Analyst, which means I work with lots of different organisations and use my analysis skills to help improve their computer systems. My day-to-day could involve anything from making a company's online databases more secure, to better.

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