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You can add up to 7 email addresses to your PayPal account. Each email address can be added to one PayPal account at a time. Go to your Settings. Click + next to Email. Enter your new email address. Click Add an email address and we'll send you an email. Click the link in the email to confirm your email address I use a separate email for my PayPal business account. This is because I'd personally like to separate potential stream income from my regular PayPal account and because my main PayPal account uses my personal email, based on my real name. But I would just do whatever you feel is easiest. 1. level 2

Now if you decide to go for one PayPal account to cover all your products, it might be a good idea to still pass your payments through separate email addresses linked to the same PayPal account. This is very useful if you are receiving payments from several different sources. To give you a concrete example, imagine a blog having affiliate arrangements with tens or hundreds of product vendors. If they all have their own affiliate systems, as is frequently the case, you would have. In some cases, I use the + trick (if you put in main.email+service@gmail.com the email still makes it to main.email@gmail.com, it'll just have the +service so you know if that address is being used in off-book ways) but the + trick is more about filing and management than security. People know that your main email is main.email@gmail.com

Schützen Sie Ihre private Mailadresse, indem Sie eine separate Mailadresse für den Online-Verkauf einrichten. Versenden Sie Artikel erst, wenn das Geld auf Ihrem PayPal-Konto eingegangen ist und verwenden Sie im Online Verkauf nie die Option Geld senden an Freunde - nur so kann im Fall der Fälle der Käuferschutz tätig werden To set up multiple users, log in to paypal.com using your primary account or you can set them up on your mobile device. Click Settings. Click Account Access under Account & Security on the left of the page. Click Update next to Manage Users. Click Add user All 4 LLC's have separate checking accounts and email addresses. Is it just a simple matter of setting-up 4 separate paypal business accounts, one for the new main LLC and one each for the 3 assumed name LLC's. Just want to make sure I'm doing it right so I won't run into any problems down the road with paypal account limits, freezes etc.. and also for my own business accounting practices. Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎04-05-2014 07:29 PM. My bank offers free checking, I have three separate checking accounts, one for ebay and paypal, one for my household bills and one for my small housekeeping business, there is no minimum to open or keep them open, they do not earn interest, but this way no matter what paypal or ebay does they are not getting my rent money. I use 3 of the e-mail addresses for 3 eBay accounts and one of them is for Paypal. My all-purpose e-mail address is attached to my primary selling account. The other 2 e-mail addresses serve functions other than eBay/Paypal but with little activity. I do not use hotmail, gmail, yahoo or any of the other spam magnets. In fact, 4 of my 6 e-mail addresses are grandfathered on obsolete domains no longer available

PayPal also allows you to set up a separate email for customer service issues. PayPal business accounts include setup support and business consulting, including customer analytics, with a range of benefits and enhancements at the Payments Pro level that are designed to scale to your business as it grows. PayPal can accept payments in 25 forms of currency and from more than 200 countries. You can also use PayPal to set up subscriptions and other forms of interval payment, as well as. You do not have to have a secondary email address you could just use the one and put it as the payment option when creating the listing. If you need to be able to separate the payments in your paypal summary you need a secondary one. You have to have a reimbursement method on file with ebay Paypal Users Receive Cryptocurrency Warning Email. I am a PayPal user, David Veksler of the Foundation for Economic Education and The Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy explained to News.Bitcoin.com. PayPal Mobile SDKs: Access the sandbox transaction notifications (delivered as email and SMS messages). Access other features offered by the Developer website. What are PayPal's fees? Fees vary per country. For Purchase Payments (which include payments processed using the REST APIs or PayPal Mobile SDK), there are no setup fees or cancellation fees and volume discounts are available. Also.

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  1. Set up a separate email address for your customer service issues. That way, you can efficiently deal with any buyer chargebacks or claims. To sign up for a PayPal Business account, go to Paypal.com, click 'Sign Up' and choose the Business Account option
  2. Wir haben dafür einen separaten Ratgeber mit Merkmalen zusammengestellt. PayPal: Sicherheitskriterien für E-Mails - Phishing erkennen. Veröffentlicht: 4. Januar 2017 . Betrügerische E-Mails im Namen des Onlinebezahlsystems PayPal hat fast jeder Nutzer schon in seinem Postfach gesehen. Viele Nutzer fragen sich, wie sie eine echte Nachricht von einer gefälschten E-Mail unterscheiden.
  3. Video demo detailing how to send and request money simply and efficiently using PayPal Email Payments. Create professional, auditable electronic invoices onl... Create professional, auditable.
  4. In this article, I've created a list of the best online surveys that pay through PayPal in 2020-2021, so you don't waste your time with the survey sites that don't offer this option and you could focus on this list. I recommend using a separate email address for signing up for surveys. Sign up for at least 3-5 if not more, survey sites to give you more opportunities to earn. These sites are all free to join surveys
  5. Check out our detailed, step-by-step guide on how to get a free virtual credit card to verify your PayPal account. Once you've set up your VCC for PayPal, the verification process is rather straightforward: Log in to your PayPal account. Select and click on the Wallet section. Link your instant VCC to the account
  6. My primary address is like *** Email address is removed for privacy ***. I wanted to retain it, so I created an alias like *** Email address is removed for privacy *** with a rule for a separate folder. PayPal allows us to use up to 8 email addresses for receiving payments. Thanks
  7. When you are linking the gift card for PayPal, you can use them together to cash it out. No matter how many gift cards you may have, you can cash them all with either of the processes I've talked about in this article. However, don't forget that you must use separate email addresses for each card, and that's only if you want to cash the card. I recommend using the card as the regular way.

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  1. I am looking through my settings and I can't quite find the email address that Paypal payments go to, but again, when I click update Paypal under my settings, it takes me to my AOL account. I have checked in Paypal too, no payments. I received a payment about two weeks ago with no problem. This is ridicuouls, I list 24 items, sell 2, and now this person can't make payment. I give up eBbay, you.
  2. PayPal creates an email address for the account by appending -1 to the original email address. If you clone the same account again, PayPal follows the same pattern and increments the ID. A second cloned account appends -2 to the email address. After you clone an account, you can edit the PayPal balance, first name, last name, and email address.
  3. PayPal allows users to create an account using an email while Venmo requires a mobile phone number. PayPal charges 2.9% of each transaction plus $0.30 for purchases made with a credit or debit card. Venmo charges 3% per transaction for purchases made with a credit card and no fee for debit card purchases
  4. Send PayPal Debug Emails - Only enable this option if you have issues with your PayPal gateway and know how to interpret debug emails or have been told to enable them by our support team. Enabling this option will send out about five separate debug emails to your email found in your General WordPress Settings. PayPal IPN URL - Click the clipboard icon next to this URL to copy the IPN that must.
  5. Ich habe ein PayPal-Konto eingerichtet, es ist verifiziert, dann wollte ich es auf der eBayseite verknüpfen: Ich gehe auf Mitgliedskonto, PayPal-Konto und auf die rechte Schaltfläche mein PayPal-Konto verknüpfen, dann gebe ich mein Passwort bei PayPal ein (eMail steht schon drin) und klicke auf zurück zu eBay
  6. The best defense against an audit is to have backup records. One excellent piece of data to have at your fingertips is your PayPal transaction history. Besides meeting tax-reporting requirements, keeping accurate records keeps you on top of your business dealings. PayPal helps you with this all-important recordkeeping by providing reports on your buying and [

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  1. All donations go through your Paypal account, so they will show up instantly on your Paypal account. If you do not see your tip it is because Paypal sometimes requires the owner to accept the donation manually inside of PayPal. You can use this guide to force paypal to auto-accept tips/donations
  2. Hallo, Ich habe eben versucht die Zahlung für einen Artikel per Lastschrift und ohne ein Paypal-Konto abzuwickeln. Das hat soweit auch ganz funktioniert. Kurz darauf habe ich eine E-Mail von Paypal erhalten, in der steht, dass das Lastschrift-Mandat aktzeptiert wurde und ich eine separate E-Mail als..
  3. It's an ebay policy, not a PayPal policy. They've been separate companies for several years - Preston PHX Dec 31 '19 at 18:58. Add a comment | 2. You can indeed pay someone without a paypal account, but the caveat is you need the seller to generate an invoice within their paypal account and send you a pay now email. The email will have a link in it, and when you click on the link, you will.
  4. Dave, I get tons of email that looks like it's from Paypal, asking me to update my account record, check that things are configured alright, or even to notify me that a new email address has been added to my account. Sheesh! How can I recognize real Paypal email and separate it out from all the phishing and fake messages in my inbox
  5. When a user first sets up their account, it is possible for them to enter an email address as their username; this is separate from the Email field, which defines the email address associated with that user. If they later wish to change their email address, they will do so by adjusting the Email field
  6. See LIPP flow for the links to use for an earlier LIPP integration. To take your integration live, see 10. Go live. 1. Create the app. To get started, create a PayPal REST API application to receive the credentials, consisting of a client ID and secret, that you need to make API calls. 2. Enable Log in with PayPal
  7. I want 2 submit buttons, one to go to paypal and a separate one to send form data to my email

Fake PayPal Cryptocurrency Email Mystery Deepens. With Bitcoin currently in the throes of its third-worst crash in history after April 2013's 83% crash from $259 to $43 and the 2013/2014 crash from $1,163 to just $152, many cryptocurrency community members are seeking clarification for the sudden drop in crypto values across the board PayPal then locked the account as soon as hackers tried to wire money to an email account belonging to Junaid Hussain, a 17-year-old hacker from Team Poison who joined ISIS and who is believed to.

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eBay and PayPal are splitting up. Citing a rapidly changing global commerce and payments landscape, eBay has just announced plans to separate its business into two distinct and independent. PayPal wird häufig für Überweisungen aller Art empfohlen. Doch sind die PayPal-Gebühren wirklich so günstig und welche Kosten entstehen bei Auslandsüberweisung?. Ich habe die komplexe PayPal-Gebührenordnung unter die Lupe genommen und analysiert, wie es wirklich um die Gebühren bei PayPal bestellt ist For a long time, PayPal only offered two-factor authentication security via SMS. And while SMS 2FA is better than no 2FA at all, users wanted better protection. Now you can secure your PayPal account with the Authy 2FA app. To start, sign into your Paypal account, and visit your Account page a I have used a normal class as an API and in that U am passing all the parameters to paypal and i am getting success. Only thing i am missing is that amount is not being deducted from the sandbox a.. Separate PayPal Accounts. Each form can be linked to it's own PayPal account. This is very useful for different departments of an organization. Widget . The Pro version allows you to place subscription buttons in widget areas. Direct Add. The Pro version adds the ability to link directly to subscription buttons via a URL. When you go to the URL you are redirected to PayPal directly. This is.

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eBay Inc. to Separate eBay and PayPal into Independent Publicly Traded Companies in 2015 Devin Wenig, president of eBay Marketplaces, to become CEO of new eBay company following separatio eBay und PayPal werden in Zukunft getrennte Wege gehen. Der Onlinehändler möchte nach und nach neue Bezahlmethoden etablieren PayPal is a payment system that allows payments through credit cards, PayPal balances, or buyer credit (payments over time). When you create a store, Ecwid sets your store email address as your Paypal account email. If you do not have any PayPal account yet, you can start accepting online payments right away and create a PayPal account for this email later to get access to incoming.

Ihre PayPal-Transaktionsnummer. Wenn Sie Ihren Artikel mit PayPal bezahlt haben, erhalten Sie zusätzlich zu Ihren eBay-Einzelheiten zum Kauf eine separate PayPal-Transaktionsnummer. Sie finden die PayPal-Transaktionsnummer in Ihrem PayPal-Konto, wenn Sie in der Kontoübersicht die entsprechende Zahlung auswählen. Sie benötigen diese Transaktionsnummer nicht bei eBay. Sie ist aber nützlich. Sie erhalten von uns per Email eine separate Auftragsbestätigung mit allen nötigen Daten für Ihre Überweisung. Bitte überweisen Sie erst nach Erhalt Ihrer Auftragsbestätigung! Der Versand der Ware erfolgt frühestens nach Eingang Ihrer Zahlung auf unserem Konto, welchen wir Ihnen ebenfalls per Email bestätigen. Kreditkarte In unserem Shop akzeptieren wir Mastercard, Visa und American.

EBay is to split in two, carving PayPal, the electronic payments arm it bought in 2001, off from the main online auction business. The move marks a dramatic U-turn for the company, whose chief. After more than a decade together, eBay and PayPal are going at it alone and will become separate companies in 2015. Despite insisting just several months ago that eBay and PayPal belong together. Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services This plugin will allow you to sell subscriptions and / or memberships with PayPal on your WordPress website. The plugin can be setup to sell only subscriptions, or it can be setup to sell memberships and limit content on your site. You can sell subscriptions in terms of a set number of days, months, or years

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Teil der Sammlung Juli 2020. Diese kreative Emaille-Pin ist ein perfektes Geschenk für die erstaunlichen Handwerker und Künstler in Ihrem Leben, die gerne Kunst zu schaffen. Alle Kreativen wissen, dass das Basteln und Sammeln von Vorräten in der Tat zwei verschiedene Hobbys sind. Fügen Sie diese eBay Inc. to Separate eBay and PayPal Into Independent Publicly Traded Companies in 2015. Maximizes strategic focus and flexibility for eBay and PayPal to capitalize on respective growth opportunities in highly competitive, rapidly changing global commerce and payments markets. Preserves eBay and PayPal relationships through arm's length.

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Email. EBay Inc. is spinning off its PayPal division, throwing the business into direct competition with Apple Inc. and Google Inc. as consumers step up the use of smartphones and computers to pay. PayPal Availability Condition. With this plugin you can put a price in any course content and ask for a PayPal payment to allow access. The person in charge to configure the enrolment method on the course will be able to configure the enrolment cost's value and currency Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎01-16-2021 06:41 AM - edited ‎01-16-2021 06:43 AM. eBay and PayPal became separate companies about 5 years ago. At that time, eBay announced that they would gradually replace PayPal. Implementation of the new Managed Payments system has been underway for over 2 years. Each seller gets a deadline by which they have to switch over; yours is. PayPal Plus for WooCommerce is the official PayPal Plus plugin. Without much effort, it integrates all PayPal Plus payment methods into your WooCommerce shop: PayPal, Direct debit, Credit card and Pay upon invoice. On the checkout page, the plugin loads an iFrame which is provided by PayPal. It offers all PayPal Plus payment methods to the. KITCHEN DECOR ‼️Closing Date : Wednesday 6/10/2020 @ 7pm‼️ Each price and description will be listed under each picture Please comment with your PayPal email address and quantity needed..

- Etsy then offered integrated Paypal, which meant if the buyer choose Paypal, it would get processed through Etsy's account with Paypal, not the sellers own Paypal account. Payment would end up coming through Etsy Payments. When this change occured, older shops had the option to either integrate Paypal, or keep Paypal separate. Shops that opened after that change did not have the option to. As separate, independent companies, eBay, led by Devin Wenig, and PayPal, led by Dan Schulman, will each have a sharper focus and greater flexibility to pursue future success in their respective global commerce and payments markets. I am confident that eBay and PayPal each have the right leadership team, strategy, structure and operational discipline to create sustainable, long-term value. PayPal became eBay's main payments provider in 2003, a few months after eBay had acquired the company in a deal valued at $1.5 billion. The two companies split into separate public companies in.

TEA TOWELS ‼️Closing Date : Wednesday 6/10/2020 @ 7pm‼️ Each price and description will be listed under each picture Please comment with your PayPal email address and quantity needed.. Peace and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is with all of you. We thank God, the Father, the Pantocrator for his care and protection for all of you and our weaknesses. We would like to point.. The mutability separate ring can be worn in a range of different sizes, adjustable between size 4.5 - 6.5. Please note that if you would like the ri. An open ring designed with simplicity in mind, the details on the edges enhance the uniqueness of the piece. The brushed finish provides the simple-understated elegance. The mutability separate ring can be worn in a range of different sizes. Do I need a separate PayPal account for my business? Yes. You can have one Consumer account and one Business account. You can add more email addresses, debit or credit cards, and bank accounts to your account, but each account must have its own email address and financial information. Similar Questions . 1. Does Benadryl help with inflammation? 1. Do voids exist? 1. Where is Audi q3 assembled. Open PayPal. Tap the PayPal app icon, which resembles a white P on a dark-blue background. This will open your PayPal page if you're logged in. If prompted to log in, enter your email address and password and then tap Log In before proceeding

This email will include PayPal branding, and will be formatted very similar to other PayPal transaction emails you may have received previously. If you look closely, you will often find grammar mistakes and other signs that the email is a fake. In most cases it will come to your SPAM folder, and the fraudster will typically make it a point to ask you to make sure to check your SPAM for the. Note: Using PayPal in Sandbox/Testing mode is possible but requires you to have a separate PayPal Sandbox account and be logged in to that environment prior to initiating tests. Enter your PayPal Account Email in the Gateway Account Email field. Enter your API Username in the API Username field. Enter your API Password in the API Password field. Enter your API Signature.

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Beginning March 29, Paypal is changing the structure of their accounts so that there is a 'Cash Account' for holding, sending, and receiving funds which is separate from your actual Paypal account, but linked to it. The short version is that there's no real changes here that I see, other than - perhaps - a bit more verification needed to send, receive, and withdraw money This account is separate from any of your primary or alternate PayPal accounts. To get an account, visit the PayPal Sandbox site and Sign Up for Access to the Sandbox Test Environment. Usually, when selecting an e-mail address for your sandbox account, you would normally not use an e-mail address associated with your site's domain; for security reasons. However, if you plan to conduct end-to. This is why eBay is dropping PayPal as their payments provider. Published 14.02.18. It is no secret at this point that eBay, one of the world's largest online marketplaces, will be replacing PayPal as its main payments processing provider. eBay had purchased PayPal back in 2002 and spun it off in 2015, but the two organisations had remained tightly linked, with PayPal continuing to process. I got the push notification from Paypal and then a minute later, an email from the guy who supposedly sent it saying he sent it to the wrong person and asking me to refund. I haven't moved the money at all, didn't even open the Paypal app. I just want to confirm this is a potential scam before I do anything. Edit: Went to open a help ticket and PayPal is already reviewing it. 387 comments.

Melody ML lets you easily seperate audio tracks using Machine Learning. Automatically isolate vocals and generate stems to remix songs with Bitte Beachten: Paypal Plus (Kauf auf Rechnung) 07329 / 91807-42 oder Email an: info@stabilo-sanitaer.de ), dann wird Ihnen das Geld zurück überwiesen. Wir bitten Sie dann, noch einmal eine Überweisung auf das Bankkonto von PayPal vorzunehmen. Die Kontoinformation finden Sie in den E-Mails von PayPal zu der Bestellung. Kontaktieren Sie bitte zudem den PayPal-Kundenservice (Tel: 0800.

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You most likely want to send people an e-ticket email or SMS. With PayPal alone this is difficult as you will need to manually arrange sending out emails to your customers. Collating this information is also difficult, just like creating a doorlist. You can't issue free tickets. Since all activity is based on receiving payments you will have to use a separate system for recording any free. PayPal charges fees for accepting debit and credit cards online. Users selling goods and services online have limited access to merchant services. It's challenging to separate business and personal transactions for tax purposes. Business account pros. It's easy to set up The exploit communicates with two separate PayPal API services -- one to authenticate (only with primary credentials), and another to transfer money to a destination account. Note that the standard browser-based PayPal web interface is not affected by the bypass. However, since an attacker can simply use the underlying API to gain full account access, this distinction is purely academic. Below. PayPal is often associated with eBay as it used to be owned by the online auction house. However, it was spun off as a separate company in 2015. However, it was spun off as a separate company in 2015 When you create a listing, select PayPal as a payment method and enter the email address associated with your PayPal account in the Payment options section of the listing form. Remember, if you offer PayPal as a payment option on eBay (using either logos or text in the item description), you must accept all forms of PayPal payment, including payments from an existing PayPal account balance.

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PayPal Downloads Learn how PayLoadz can help you make the most of PayPal download delivery. Digital Downloads: An Introduction to PayPal Download Delivery In today's media market, it is not at all uncommon to sell and deliver digital content such as files, software, art, photographs, music, and movies through a number of electronic sources A: The PayPal Demo Portal gives you a way to quickly learn how PayPal capabilities work in conjunction with your business. The Demo Portal lets you view the end-to-end user experience for all PayPal products, on a global level. Use the Demo Portal to learn about the PayPal Best Practice standards and see code examples that are in-context with the flows you view. In a nutshell, the Demo Portal. Habe bei Paypal eine andere Email-Adresse hinterlegt, aber ein Käufer hat an meine normale Mail die PP-Transaktion mit diesem Link gesendet...nun kann ich diesen Link irgendwie nicht bestätigen, damit die Zahlung gutgeschrieben wird? Vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus! Anstößigen Inhalt melden (476 Ansichten) Kommentare (0) 0 Hilfreich Akzeptierte Lösung. benediktxvii* Angebote anschauen. WooCommerce PayPal Checkout allows your store to accept payments via PayPal and uses customizable Smart Payment Buttons™. When your customers use PayPal Checkout, they can pay with PayPal or any major credit or debit card without ever leaving your site. Shoppers can purchase right from your product pages, and pay in 26 currencies. In the U.S., customers have the added benefit of Smart.

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Tweet. Poker Hall of Famer Chris Moneymaker is suing ubiquitous payment processing giant PayPal. In a press release issued late last week, Moneymaker's attorney, Eric Bensamochan, said that they. By Chris Dawson September 2, 2019 - 8:00 am. eBay have failed to shut down the scam where sellers' PayPal email payment address is changed diverting funds into scammers accounts. This weekend. Email. HSBC is introducing while it also struck a separate deal with Xero. Last year, PayPal announced a partnership with Oro to facilitate payments on its B2B eCommerce platform, OroCommerce. EBay EBAY, +0.57% and PayPal PYPL, +0.73% split into two separate companies in July 2015 but maintained a five-year operating agreement through which PayPal would remain the e-commerce giant's.

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SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — PayPal is splitting from EBay Inc. and will become a separate and publicly traded company next year. The separation is expected to occur in the second half of 2015 You can now pay for purchases with crypto using PayPal. Just like when using other payment methods, it's simple to do. Find out how Description. WordPress PayPal plugin allows you to easily create PayPal Buy Now, Add to Cart, Donation or Subscription type buttons. It generates dynamic buttons using shortcodes that enable PayPal checkout on your WordPress site. Your customers will be able to pay for your products using PayPal or Credit Card

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Sign in - Google Account Added a check to make sure a PayPal email address is specified in the widget shortcode. Added an option to specify the cbt parameter via the shortcode. Refactored some code to move all the admin dashboard related code to a separate file. 4.5. The Other Amount input field type is now set to number. This will work better on. Email; 1 (855) 237-6726; Sign in Get started. Keep life organized and work moving—all in one place Find the plan for you. Dropbox gives you secure access to all your files. Collaborate with friends, family, and coworkers from any device. Store and sync. Keep all your files securely stored, up to date, and accessible from any device. Share. Quickly send any file—big or small—to anyone. Email and calendar together. All you need to be your most productive and connected self—at home, on the go, and everywhere in between. Learn more. Skype. Skype's text, voice and video make it simple to get closer to the people who matter most across all of your devices. Learn more . Microsoft Edge. The faster way to get things done on the web with built-in features for staying organized.

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PayPal introduces Xoom, a fast way to send money to bank accounts abroad at amazing rates. By selecting Use PayPal to Log In, you accept the User Agreement and acknowledge that a Xoom account will be opened for you. Use PayPal to Log In. Xoom is a PayPal service. Simply log in with PayPal to send money with Xoom. Your payment methods are automatically available and your recipients don't. EBay and PayPal to split into two separately traded companies. After spending much of this year explaining why its two businesses are best left together, eBay's board of directors and CEO did a. Records reflect payment method, PayPal fees, deposit information, etc. Separate email lists are also maintained for each Regional Rep. Maintaining a current email list is essential and the most challenging part of the job. Nov 17, 2020 · Public · in Timeline Photos. PayPal can be a cost-effective way to collect payments for companies doing business online. PayPal charges 0.7 to 2.9 percent of the transaction plus 30 cents per order, depending on your company. This wallet which is also known as The Shogun 11 Wallet, has had a lot of time and effort put into designing and perfecting the multiple out wallet so that it is completely deceptive and absolutely practical for real-world use.This wallet has been specially designed in dark leather to make performing the effect easi

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Description About the Author Shortlisted for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2021 Orders for this book are expected to be fulfilled by mid-July 2021. All preorders will include a handwritten note from the author. Please note: If you are ordering this title along with other books, do make a separate order for the other *Despite our careful packaging clusters may separate during shipping. Please understand this is out of our control* Plants ship bare root meaning roots are sparse and will need to be regrown. This listing is for the specimen you see photographed. All of my succulents have been grown in greenhouse conditions. These pla Unit. 1 Arashi x Sora (Drama CD) Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit. 2 Iori x Haruhi (Drama CD) Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit. 3 Towa x Mirai (Drama CD) Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit. 4 Kairi x Kagura ※Customers who purchase the items in separate orders will not be eligible for this bonus. animate Bonus: Audio Serial Code (Scene at the Dorm: Arash

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