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The standard fee for mutual funds is $9.95 per trade. Bond fees. Questrade charges no bond fees, but you must buy a minimum of $5,000 per trade Most mutual funds have a settlement time of T+2 business days; The commission charge for a mutual fund is $9.95 per trade; Most mutual funds have a margin requirement of 50%; To switch mutual funds within the same mutual fund company, call our Trade Desk at 1.866.980.9590, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm E

I totally agree! I was just hoping that the minimum through Questrade would be lower than 2 million so I would have a chance to meet the requirement. However, I think most people that buy Mawer funds do so in other brokerage accounts that don't charge transactional fees on mutual funds. Similarly, most people that use Questrade don't buy mutual funds, they are more into stocks and ETFs. Also, not many people know about the lower fee series (D,F,O, etc.) being offered at Questrade. Clients can get mutual fund rebates where eligible trailer fees are automatically reimbursed back into your account every quarter. As broker fees can vary and change, there may be additional fees that are not listed in this Questrade review. It is imperative to ensure that you check and understand all of the latest information before you open a Questrade broker account for online trading These range from $35-$150 for most Canadian institutions. The good news? We'll cover your transfer fees charged by your outgoing institution. For more details, please see here, and to claim this rebate, please upload a copy of a recent statement showing the transfer charge as a 'rebate' document. Can I transfer a locked-in plan to Questrade ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) Free (No commission charge) Mutual Funds: $9.95/online. Offline add an additional $45 for trader fee: Options: $9.95/trade + $1/contract - Active @ $4.95/trade + 75¢/contract: Managed Investing (Questwealth) Cost varies - 0.20% to 0.25% (minimum of $1,000 in assets) Canadian IPOs: Free - minimum order size of $5,00 The new Questrade campaign asks whether mutual funds are costing investors 30% of their retirement. It's a fair question, but it doesn't tell the full stor

Fees and mutual funds: a lack of knowledge. 51% of respondents agreed that a 2% fee for a mutual fund is high, while an additional 38 per cent said they did not know. Surprisingly, almost 1 in 2 of those who invest in mutual funds admitted they do not know what fees they pay for their mutual funds Mutual fund fees are $9.95 per transaction. Margin interest at $10,000 balance is 5.95% CAD or 7% USD. $100,000 balance is 4.95% CAD or 6% USD. Margin interest for registered accounts is. ETFs are known for their lower management fees in comparison to mutual funds. You can start by purchasing one share of an ETF if you wish, where most mutual funds have a minimum amount you must initially purchase. ETFs are also more tax efficient. ETFs are simply traded between investors and no underlying assets must be sold just because shares of the ETF are sold. Unlike mutual funds, that often must sell securities when shares are redeemed

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There are no additional trading fees or account fees for Tangerine Investment Funds. It is free to open chequing, savings and investment accounts with Tangerine , and with no trade fees, you only have to remember about the built in MER/TER of 1.07% - 1.09% you won't pay any other fees

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ETF seeks to pay a distribution rate of 7% the fund's net asset value come rain or shine Questrade did have the O series in their list of available mutual fund list a year or two ago, but it looks like the list is not shown anymore. Buying an O Series Mawer fund through Questrade would mean an extremely low MER with no tiered outside fee schedule! It looks like that was possible in the past. Mawer Series O may have been available.

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In an effort to attract more mutual fund investors, Toronto-based Questrade Inc. has launched a new service that rebates mutual fund trailer fees to investors, the company announced on Wednesday. The direct access brokerage, which lets Canadians trade in Canadian and American stock and options markets, is allowing online trading of mutual funds for the first time, and will give trailer fees. The fee is set at $10. The only way around this would be to either buy less often to minimize your fees, or avoid mutual funds all together. 2. level 1. angelus97. · 4y. There is zero reason to buy a mutual fund over an ETF. The fact that Questrade offers free ETF purchases is a bonus. 2 Although Questrade does not charge traditional trading commissions, Exchange-Traded Fund # of Shares Purchased. ECN Rate. ECN Fees. Vanguard FTSE Canada All-Cap Index ETF (VCN) 32. $0.0035/share. $0.1120. Vanguard U.S. Total Market Index ETF (VUN) 23. $0.0035/share. $0.0805. iShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI Index ETF (XEF) 30. $0.0035/share. $0.1050. iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI Index.

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  1. Because ETFs are cheaper than mutual funds, even indexed mutual funds from TD e-Series. Not only that, Questrade lets you buy them FOR FREE with no commission fees. They don't charge you if you buy ETFs, but they do charge you if you sell them (system fees not included). I am not going to flog a dead horse, so just read all my posts on investing here. How and where do I get started to get i
  2. Investment fees usually don't appear in your statement, and are instead embedded inside your mutual fund and taken silently out of the fund's performance. Why would they do this? Simple! If you saw a line item that said $-500 fee, you'd call someone up and scream at them. But if your mutual fund just goes up slower than it should, you don't notice. It's brilliant
  3. More mutual fund crap on Weekend Reads. OK, there's good news and bad news on the Canadian mutual fund watch. The good news is that Ontario has joined the rest of the Provinces to ban DSC or deferred service charges. A DSC fund will charge you a hefty fee of up to 7% if you want to sell your fund within a certain time frame
  4. I want to liquidate the funds to purchase ETFs over at Questrade but TD has told me that their mutual fund RRSP account cannot hold cash and if i liquidate my holdings myself it will be treated as a cash withdrawal from the RRSP. I understand that if i were to request for a all in cash transfer TD will liquidate and transfer over the proceeds to Questrade without resulting in a tax event since.

Mutual funds that charge advice fees - known as Series A funds - account for 68 per cent of the total value of mutual funds assets in Canada, according to the Investment Funds Institute of. Trailer Fee: A trailer fee is a fee that a mutual fund manager pays to a salesperson who sells the fund to investors. The trailer fee pays the salesperson for providing the investor with ongoing. When your trade value over the phone is $2,000 or less, RBC Direct Investing charges a minimum $43 fee. Trading mutual funds through the trading platform is commission-free. However, you may incur charges for deferred sales, setup fees, and early redemption fees. Trading any Treasury bills, debentures, bonds, and other market instruments come with commissions that are already included in the.

Tangerine Index Mutual Funds = 1.07% was roughly $750 in fees vs. Exchange Traded Funds = 0.15% which would have been $105. Therefore, despite the short-term loss/pain of transfer fees, I made long-term gains in reduced investment costs We'll rebate transfer fees charged when you switch to Questrade; No minimum balance needed 1; Transfer multiple accounts; Two great ways to invest in an RRSP. Do it yourself Self-directed Investing. Build your own retirement portfolio with low fees on stocks, ETFs, options and more. Stocks starting at . 1 ¢ /share (min. $4.95 to max. $9.95) Get details. Get details. Stocks starting at. 1. Simply put, Questrade charges fees per traded stock and Wealthsimple does not. Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Precious Metals and ETFs; Overall, the two brokers would be a good choice for most retail or beginner traders. We hope this made the decision a bit easier. Happy Trading! Questrade. Sign Up . Vs. Wealthsimple. Sign Up. About This Article. Author: Mark Prosz. Sources of.

By comparison, Questrade charges one cent per share with a minimum price of $4.95 and a maximum price of $9.95. The pricing plan is clearly superior to RBC Direct Investing, especially for investors who buy very small positions in expensive blue chip and internet stocks, such as Amazon.com (over $750 a share) or Priceline Group (over $1,400 a. Tangerine Investment Funds aren't the absolute cheapest way of investing your funds in index markets, but they do have very reasonable fees, cheaper than almost all actively managed mutual funds, while often providing better returns than actively managed mutual funds. They provide a cheap, simple solution, for those getting started in planning for their future and entering the world of. Questrade offers a method of automatically refunding around 1% of the costs of a mutual fund, bringing the overall cost down to 1.35% or less depending on your actual fund's fees. This maximizer works by refunding you the trailing commission which is an ongoing annual payment to the advisor and firm selling you the fund. If you transfer to Questrade the mutual funds are no longer being. The one slight drawback is that unlike many competing brokers, Questrade charges a fee for mutual fund trades (though, again, ETFs are free to purchase). Questrade does require at least $1,000 to be deposited in the account to start investing, which is a slight drawback but means it should still be in reach of most investing beginners. If you're an active day-trader or seasoned investor. RBC RESP Fees. The fees you pay for RBC RESP will depend on the investment option you select. For example, there are no fees for the savings account or GIC investments. With the mutual funds, you'll pay the management expense ratio for the funds you select. As mentioned earlier, these fees can vary widely depending on the funds you choose

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There's a great mutual fund fee calculator from Get Smarter about Money, an Ontario government backed initiative. You can find the mutual fund and see the MER associated with it, and compare it to other funds. I compared the one she mentioned Fidelity Canada Growth Fund (Last year's return was a respectable 8.16% but the MER was 2.60%) with the TD e-series US Index (last year's return. The Balanced Fund MER is an all-inclusive fee which takes into account the management fee of the Balanced Fund as well as the expense ratios of the underlying funds. In short, you are not double charged for the underlying funds. See the MERs for our Series A funds here. Is the Mawer New Canada Fund available for purchase? No, the Mawer New Canada Fund is closed to new and existing mutual fund. Once you see that the high mutual fund fees take away a lot of your profits, it's game over for the mutual funds. I was there in 2008 and I woke up in my mid-thirties. The MER (Management Expense Ratios) is much higher than ETFs, or stocks, and that's before you find out you may have fees for selling up to 7%!!! Say goodbye to high fees and start making your money work for YOU and not your. But in Questrade's case it holds back a $29.95 per month administrative processing fee. The numbers mean a customer could lose about $360 a year; based on a one per cent trailer, meaning customers gain if they had about $36,000 in mutual fund assets. If a customer had $200,000 in mutual fund assets, after the rebate they would be ahead by.

Funding a Questrade account can be done from within the trading platform via several methods including online bank payments, wire transfers, money orders, and cheques. Electronic methods are free but all other methods incur transfer and withdrawal fees. For example, CAD and USD wire transfers cost $20 and $30 respectively. An international wire transfer costs $40 The Tangerine Investment Funds lineup is comprised of five index mutual funds, each one aligned to a specific asset allocation. The funds are well diversified, with exposure to Canadian, US, and global markets. Because they are considered passive investments, they carry a much lower management fee (MER) than most actively traded mutual funds I'm not sure what's the standard fee for redeeming mutual funds then moving it to another brokerage, but I rather pay for the fee now, than keep on delaying the transfer. And this is what Questrade has to say about the fees. Please be advised that we do not charge any fees to transfer accounts into Questrade. The other institution may charge you and you would have to confirm with them. We. Questwealth Portfolio's fees are actually pretty impressive. In fact, Questwealth Portfolio currently offers some of the lowest fees on the market when it comes to Canadian robo advisors. For accounts that have $1000- $99,999 you'll pay Questrade a 0.25% fee. For accounts that have $100,000 + you'll pay Questrade a 0.20% fee Most mutual funds come with built-in trailer fees - ongoing commissions paid to a dealer representative (bank advisor) and the mutual fund company. For an equity mutual fund this is typically around 1% - and this drives up the total MER of your mutual fund to around 2% (average in Canada)

Questrade provides transparent pricing with commission-free ETF trades and discounts available for active traders, with no annual fees. Questrade has a full lineup of tools with the desktop-based and web-based platforms IQ Edge and IQ Web. Questrade offers Canadian residents access to a great variety of retirement account options. However, U.S. Fees and mutual funds: a lack of knowledge 51% of respondents agreed that a 2% fee for a mutual fund is high, while an additional 38 per cent said they did not know Surprisingly, almost 1 in 2 of those who invest in mutual funds admitted they do not know what fees they pay for their mutual funds ETFs: a viable investment optio By logging in, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the end-user license agreemen

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Mutual fund transactions are $9.95. If you are investing in mutual funds, such as the BMO Monthly Income Fund, make sure you understand all the fees that come with mutual fund investing. If your investing approach includes index investing, you should have your index portfolio with Questrade. With no purchase fees on ETFs, you can do monthly contributions, benefit from the dollar-cost averaging. In comparison, the management fee for an actively managed mutual fund is about 2.3% (or $2,300 in fees on $100,000). This makes for a saving of around $1,700 per year. Fees for basic plans. The management fees charged by Virtual Wealth and Questwealth Portfolios are outlined below. The management expense ratio (MER) is charged by the underlying funds that your robo-advisor invests in, which is.

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Questrade transactions tracked with Wealthica. As you can see from my screenshot, my Nintendo and AMD trades cost only $4.95. Questrade 's transaction fees are among the lowest in Canada (1¢/share, Min $4.95 - Max $9.95). I had higher transaction fees ($16.95) for buying Avante Logixx Get your trailer fees back with Questrade's exclusive mutual fund rebates service. Dedicated support. Minimum position size Please rate this broker.Can someone clarify what is the interst rates on Questrade margin Online Work from Home Best Sites accounts? Money Mustache Forum Transfer to new brokerage fees - If you are moving to a new Questrade has three currency settlement options for all. At Questrade, we care about Canadians' financial success. We offer better, simple, more affordable ways to take control of your money. Two great ways to invest with lower fees: Self-directed. May 25, 2012 - Welcome to Questrade, Canada's favourite online broker and home of $4.95 stock trades. Check out our YouTube channel for our IQ trading platforms playlists. We're adding new videos every week. Since 1999, we've transformed brokerage services by delivering the best client service, investment products and trading technology Mutual Funds Questrade offers a variety of mutual funds on its platforms from well-known managers, such as Fidelity, Invesco, PIMCO, and BlackRock. They also provide a mutual fund screener to help you filter through the different fund offerings based on things like fund expenses and dividend yields. Questrade also offers mutual fund reports and other reporting characteristics via Morningstar.

This is exactly why CIBC Investors Edge is part of a subsidiary owned by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and it is where Canadians can buy and sell stocks, mutual funds, bonds, exchange traded funds, and more. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is Canada's 5th largest bank by market cap, and the company is the end result of a large. Questrade do not have physical branches and is only available online. People are critical with Questrade because of this reason. Questrade, like the big banks, is safe since they are regulated by IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada) and a CIPF member. In case of bankruptcy, Questrade accounts are insured up to $10 million per client through a private insurance, and an. ETF seeks to pay 7% annual distribution rate of the fund's net asset value, rain or shin

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I originally purchased a Series F mutual fund (instead of the Series A) through Questrade as the fees on the fund were 1.58% lower per year. I just got an email from Questrade stating that they are forcing me into the series A fund which has the higher MER (which encompasses a 1% trailer for the advisor channel for advice which Questrade can does not provide) The email states that they are no. Administration fee 1. $25 / quarter Waived if you hold $25,000; if you make a minimum number of commissionable trades; if you establish a recurring electronic funds contribution of $100 a month or more; or if you qualify for our Young Investor offer.. Formal trust accounts . $100 setup + $50 / year after first year. Account closure . $100 (within first year only

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Looking to move funds, or investments between your accounts at Questrade? No problem, we make internal transfers as easy as possible. You can move both your Canadian and U.S. cash, plus your investments between accounts at any time. There are however a few small limitations to be aware of depending on the originating and destination account types Questrade's deal for fund investors is the Mutual Fund Maximizer program, where you pay $29.95 per month and in exchange get all trailing commissions rebated back to you every three months. You. I am currently using TD DI for buying mutual funds (Canadian index, US index, International index, and Canadian bonds) to invest the money. I know unlike Questrade , TD charges a commission on buying. Does it make sense for me to switch to ETFs with Questrade when I can only invest 100$/month? Because with ETFs I have can't invest by dollar amount, I am worried that whatever I am saving on.

Investment fees usually don't appear in your statement, and are instead embedded inside your mutual fund and taken silently out of the fund's performance. Why would they do this? Simple! If you saw a line item that said $-500 fee, you'd call someone up and scream at them. But if your mutual fund just goes up slower than it should, you don't notice. It's brilliant So it's a little puzzling that fund companies are promoting F-series funds primarily to people who can't access them without extra annual fees (i.e. clients of fee-based advisors). A handful of.

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There's a great mutual fund fee calculator from Get Smarter about Money, an Ontario government backed initiative. You can find the mutual fund and see the MER associated with it, and compare it to other funds. I compared the one she mentioned Fidelity Canada Growth Fund (Last year's return was a respectable 8.16% but the MER was 2.60%) with the TD e-series US Index (last year's return. Mutual funds vs. index funds. Index funds and mutual funds are also similar, especially considering index funds can hold mutual funds. They're basically a type of mutual fund. That said, mutual funds are much more actively managed than an index fund - which also means higher fees are more common. But those might be worth it to you if you. For purchases of Canadian-listed ETFs, the ECN fees charged are $0.0035 per share. In the example from my tutorial, I place five ETF purchases at Questrade and rack up only 60 cents in ECN fees (compared to about $50 of trading commissions at the big bank discount brokerages for a similar portfolio). You can see why Questrade has become the.

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See how your money works harder with Questrade's lower fees, rebates and value-adds. Questwealth Portfolios Get a diversified low-fee portfolio managed by a team of experts so you can get to your goals faster Read how Questrade decided to help investors save money on hefty mutual funds fees in Canada.. Account types TFSA, RRSP, Margin, and more. Choose the accounts that match your goals. Investment products Diversify your portfolio with stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds and more Deposit funds. You'll need to deposit funds into your account to begin trading. Some brokers may charge you deposit fees, or you may need to pay a forex fee in order for your Canadian dollars to be converted into US dollars. Buy the index fund. Once your money has been deposited, you can then buy the S&P 500 index fund. You'll generally pay. Mutual Fund Trade Fee $49.95 $14.95 Options (Base Fee) $0.00 $0.00 Options (Per Contract) $0.65 $0.65 Futures (Per Contract) Looking at Mutual Funds, Fidelity trails Interactive Brokers by 1,238 total mutual funds, with Interactive Brokers offering 11080 and Fidelity offering 9842. Which trading platform is better: Fidelity or Interactive Brokers? To compare the trading platforms of both.

Index funds. These track the performance of a basket of stocks on the TSX, and let you earn money on the average gains of all the shares put together. Exchange traded funds. ETFs are similar to mutual funds, except they can be traded on the stock exchange and typically come with much lower trading fees. Options For mutual funds, there can be more documentation and special accounts required. The other big difference between ETFs and index mutual funds is cost. For index funds, there's no shareholder transaction cost. However, taxation and management fees tend to be much lower for ETFs

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I plan on transferring my RRSP & DCPP from SunLife (old employer) to my Questrade RRSP & LIRA for more control and lower MER. What I have: RRSP - $5.5K @ 1.66% MER in a 2050 fund. DCPP - $11.3K @ 0.60% MER in a 2050 fund. I would like to hear other people's experience with this process and all the fees associated This unit of Scotiabank offers index mutual funds whose fees are higher than passively managed ETFs, but still reasonable at 1.07 per cent, he said. You can save there until you have $5,000. Investors Group Review and Commissions. He and his associate were also really pushing the idea of leveraging: borrowing to invest, painting it as a win-win situation. It may be not too bad of an idea now; with the interest rates at rock bottom, but the interest rates were way up there when I was working with investor's group a few years.

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